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I’m a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher and Singing Bowl Sound Healer. I use a variety of approaches and holistic experience to treat the whole client, concentrating on any areas which present themselves or areas which the client asks for special healing with. Nurturing the body and mind as a whole, clearing energy blocks and helping balance our inner environment is the best way to help create a healing environment from within. Get in touch with me today to reset, renew, refresh, relax and be able to navigate your life with more ease.

What is Reiki?

Natural Healing

The word Reiki translated to English means Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is the practice of using universal energy to help re-balance our physical bodies. When our energy flows more freely, we feel better. How it works: The person receiving the Reiki is fully clothed, usually lying on a massage table. The attuned Reiki practitioner channels this universal life energy through their hands, which hover near and sometimes lightly touch the recipient's body. You may feel warmth or even a pleasant energetic vibration coming off the practitioner's hands. This activates the natural healing processes within our beautiful body machines, replenishing it and giving it the proper energetic fuel so we can function at our best.

What is Singing Bowl Sound Healing?

Natural restoration of vibratory frequencies

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds and through entrainment help restore  normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body and mind. The tones create a natural theta state in the brain which promotes healing and relaxation. 

They can be used used to help create a wonderful state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.
I use only authentic, hand-made 7-metal bowls from Nepal. 
During healing sessions the bowls are played nearby and also on the client's body and chakra areas. These harmonic vibrations help to move stuck energy and relax the mind and body.

Energy Healing and the Importance of Self-Care

Balance Your Chi

There are many reasons people choose Reiki energy therapy and Singing Bowl Sound Healing treatments. Clients may seek help with specific issues like life changes, physical or emotional illness, or just need a little help navigating everyday life. Some people come simply to maintain their sense of well-being. 

We spend so much time doing for others, chores, work, we need to reclaim time for ourselves. Taking an hour for self-care is very important to do on a regular basis. Whether it be a cup of tea, a walk outside, a warm bath or a holistic treatment, when we experience the feeling of being cared for, we're better balanced and have refreshed energy and outlook to better take on the world. 
Both Reiki and Singing Bowl sessions are relaxing and comfortable. Both modalities are very effective means of moving and dispersing stuck energies. These dispersals are really important in helping us to recreate and move forward.
It is important to note that neither modality is a substitute for medical care. However both Reiki and Singing Bowl therapies can help the body create a healing environment and so are excellent practices to be used in tandem with
other treatments.

Additional Services and Workshops

Holistic Menu add-ons and separate sessions

  • Meditation:
       Meditation Circles
       Guided Reiki meditation - individual or group
       Singing Bowl meditation - group

  • Breathwork meditation

  • Available for corporate meditation, Reiki or Singing Bowl energy healing sessions

  • Animal Reiki; Distance Reiki

  • Freedom to Dance (TBD original workshop -being created)

  • Freedom to Sing - original workshop

  • Self compassion workshop or individual therapy

  • Energy space clearing/smudging for homes and offices - Great for moving into new homes!

  • In-home visits  - group or individual sessions (outdoors for now. Subject to Covid safety precautions.)

Reiki Treatment

Client Recommendations

What my patients say is extremely important to me. I am very invested in the connection with each person who honors me with their choice. Without patient satisfaction, I would not have a business.
Take a look at what my clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.


Dara is a truly gifted person. Thanks to her I was able to get through some of the most difficult times in my life. She got through walls I didn’t even now I had due to her calming and relaxing presence. Dara was extremely helpful with helping me understand my body and where I store my stress, anxiety and anger. She’s a truly wonderful person! I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for me!

Clarice D.

Dara is gifted with the ability to sense and move energy. She’s a compassionate, sensitive person and it feels very safe to do this work with her.

Diane D.

I met Dara while I was going through a very difficult period in my life and I have to admit I was skeptical at first. She won me over after the first session: Not only did she know exactly what was happening to my body but she knew how to speed up the healing process. Dara was patient, diligent and attentive to my situation. She provided a very personalized service that made me feel safe, secure and unafraid. Her energy was calming and reassuring
The Reiki sessions with her helped me recover so much faster not only physically but mentally as well. I’m feeling stronger, lighter and more balanced with each session. Reiki has become part of my self-care regimen and I’m very thankful to have Dara as my Reiki healer; she is a wonderful person, a very beautiful soul and her presence alone makes me feel better each time I see her.
I highly recommend Dara's Reiki sessions to anyone. Even one session has considerable effect.

Mihaela K

Dara is a very calming, intuitive and nurturing person. I had heard about Reiki and though I was a little uncertain as to what it was, I figured it couldn't hurt to try...I was lucky to find Dara because she made me feel comfortable right away and explained the healing art of Reiki to me.
After a session with her, I feel relaxed and refreshed. I would highly recommend Dara.

Breene W

Dara is a talented, intuitive Reiki practitioner, who truly cares about her clients. She makes people feel at home and also talks to them about her insights. I found it very helpful.

Debi R.

"Nothing is impossible.
The very word itself says 'I'm Possible.'"

Audrey Hepburn


A little more about who I am

I'm an a mom of three, an empath, a long-time practitioner of self-healing philosophies in multiple modalities, a musician and an artist. I began studying Usui Reiki in 2013 and began my practice in 2014. My foray into Reiki came at the suggestion of a friend who knew of my natural inclination to help others and of an innate ability within me to feel environmental vibrations.

As I've become more and more in tune with our universal energetic environment and people's personal energies, I realized that it's important for all of us to help each other. I think I get as much out of practicing Reiki as my clients get from receiving it!

I'm also certified in Level 1 Atma Buti Singing Bowl Sound Healing and am continuing my studies in that modality. Himalayan singing bowls are incredible healing tools! I'm
so excited about this beautiful, restorative and historic practice.


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